Roots Nursery

Join us for "The Story" Sunday Mornings @ 10am!

As of right now, our Roots Nursery class will be closed for the safety of our kids and volunteers. Joining us in person and have a little one who is potty trained? Please check with an usher when you arrive about having your little one join the Super Kids Church outdoors for the day.
Joining us online? Check out the Virtual Super Kids Church video lessons at

The Ten Commandments

Exodus 24-31

MV: Exodus 24:3

Two Believing Men

Numbers 13-14

MV: Numbers 14:8

God's Helper

Joshua 1-2

MV: Joshua 1:7

A Strong Man

Judges 16

MV: Judges 16:28

Have a little one who is between 5-11? Check out our Super Kids Church Page!